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by Aitch
Immature people falling in love destroy each other’s freedom, create a bondage, make a prison. Mature persons in love help each other to be free; they help each other to destroy all sorts of bondages. And when love flows with freedom there is beauty. When love flows with dependence there is ugliness.
- Osho (via intheflowersss)

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Twilight by AwaaraC
*sigh* I want to be there

The moment when all paths disappear; you look back and there is nothing..One cannot go back but one does not know where to go ahead because there IS no longer any ahead — all paths have disappeared. This is the moment when Tao arises. ~~osho.
In a relationship, you need somebody who’s going to call you out, not somebody who’s going to let everything slide. You need somebody who doesn’t want to live without you, but can. Not somebody that is dependent, but somebody who is stronger with you. A relationship is two people, not one.
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